Burnt out skys

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I was in Singapore & Malaysia recently on a business trip from the UK. On getting my films back from being developed on my return, I found that a great deal of them had the skys burnt out giving little or no detail.

I can understand that it was bright so the camera adjusted and that meant I could see the buildings etc, but what could I do in the future to stop this from happening?

It is not a mahor thing, but I am just interested to know a solution.

I was using Kodak Royal 400.


-- Glenn Smith (glenn@seetech.com), September 12, 2001


This is due to the difference of brightness. The ground is in shadow. Either change your direction or wait for the sun to shift.

I've asked a similar question here.

-- Wee Keng Hor (weekh@singnet.com.sg), September 12, 2001.

Hi. If the camera metered for the sky, the buildings could have been darker, and the photo lab person was being helpful by boosting the brightness in the final pics. You might wish to get the lab to reprint a couple of pictures without color/brightness adjustment just to see what the pictures are like.

-- Fred Sun (redsky3@yahoo.com), September 14, 2001.

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