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Welcome, everyone, to the new karate club forum. It's pretty easy to use, and all questions/comments will be headed under subject. So if you have a new question, enter a <>. I hope we'll get some good use out of this. It would be great if when you are practicing at home and think of a question for Sensei to answer that you come to this site to ask the question so that everyone may benefit even if they do not go to the same classes you attend. I will also use this forum to inform everyone of the administrative stuff with the Sports Club programs. Of course, if there is anything REALLY IMPORTANT you need to know about, I will call you or e-mail you. We can also use this site to talk about other things, of course. And if you ever forget the password, just e-mail me. -Hannah

ps Welcome to all new members of the club!

-- Chickenhawk (Hannah) (poirot@ku.edu), September 11, 2001

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2001


Sorry, on the first message the program erased part of it. I meant to say: if you have a new line of questioning, enter in a New Question. -Hannah

-- Chickenhawk again (poirot@ku.edu), September 11, 2001.

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2001

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