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This forum, primarily for believers, is for discussing manifestations associated with revival and related topics. For example, being 'slain in the Spirit,' manifestations of gifts of the Spirit, falling into trances, and more unusual occurances like 'treeing the Devil,' making animal noises, etc. Are these things revival or emotionalism, or can they be either, or a combination of both?

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This forum is really easy to use, and is relatively-fast loading. Enjoy the discussion.

There aren't too many rules. Just behave yourself. No ad homenem attacks. No twisting other people's arguments to win the argument. No slandering (or libeling as the case may be.) Be honest. Non-Charismatics may participate, but rabid, anti-charismatic posts which attack the Biblical gifts of the Spirit are allowed. Blasphemy and promotion of heretical ideas contrary to the teaching of scripture are allowed. On this last issue, I prefer to be rather laid back and allow the group to condemn ideas that are unscriptural, unless someone posts a major heresy, claims to be Jesus, or the anti-Christ, or does something nutty.

Debating and disagreement are allowed, but do so in a mature manner.

-- Link Hudson (Linkh@bigfoot.com), September 04, 2001


How do I get to the thread that is discussing these questions?

-- David Lee Scudder (dlscudders@aol.com), September 15, 2001.

You are on the thread discussing one question. To get to the main page, click on 'Revival and Manifestations' at the top of this page, then click on the question you want to respond.

-- Link Hudson (hudson@bigfoot.com), September 15, 2001.

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