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Hi all, I have a question about calf care, we are sheep farmers and I don't know much about calves. I originally joined this list to learn about sheep and goat milking operations, as that is what we would like to do at some point. Anyways, the neighbor is a 4-Her who is raising 2 baby (about 6 weeks old) steers. Both are extremely skinny- like skin over bone. They have not been wormed. Could this be why they are so thin? If so how often and with what do you worm calves with generally? I know with sheep this year parasites have been really bad. He doesn't know a lot about cows, some other 4-H members are supposed to be helping him, but these little guys look really bad. Any one have any suggestions. I don't know if he will take my advice but I will hate myself if I don't try and help these animals. Thanks!

-- Lynn Lowe (, August 31, 2001


Lyn, why not post this question over on the Countryside forum? That place is full of very experienced homestead-type folks. Come on over!

-- daffodyllady (, September 01, 2001.

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