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Fall can bring many memories and feelings to the fore, what does fall mean to you ?

-- Denver doug (, August 27, 2001


Fall holds sad memories for me. I usually hate to see it come, but this year, I have things to look forward to with the season, so I'm not dreading it.

-- Becky (, August 30, 2001.

Fall brings mostly good feelings and memories to my mind. One bad memory was when I was twenty two my Mom died in the fall. The other one is the demon I fight now SAD, which is under treatment and has been since 1987. But school and friends throughout made many good memories. Seeing the trees go technicolor and wading through leaves, kicking them as I went. The excitement of Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving. The very smell of Fall and the idea of many of the animals going to bed for the winter when it started snowing high up in the mountains in the fall and stay warm enough was and still is a part of my fall fun. The first snow here in Denver is a good memory, usually sometime in September. Hayrides, trips up to the mountains to see the turning of the leaves of the aspen trees to hillsides of gold, usually low enough in the mountains that snow hadn't really hit there yet. The memory of the squash that Mom baked in the winter time, the one with the rough greeny outside, I think she called it Hubbard, not sure though. Getting up in the fall mornings and stirring up the banked fire and adding some coal, then snuggling back in bed 'til things warmed up a bit. Sometime in the fall the milk on the doorstep would start freezing and push the bottlecap up high, after taking the iced cream from the top they would let me eat the milk crystals, occasionally Mom would sprinkle sugar on a small bowl of it. More good memories than I can talk about here.

-- Denver doug (, August 30, 2001.

Slipped my mind a moment some of my greatest memories are of watching our kids experience fall and the first snow. The youngest was nine years old when we came home to Denver from Florida and had never experienced real fall weather.

-- Denver doug (, August 30, 2001.

Many years ago when I lived up North, I used to always feel sad with the arrival of Fall. It meant that long ,cold ,dreary days were just around the corner. Two years ago , I went out to Denver in October to help my daughter move. There were huge amount of leaves that had fallen to the ground. I found that I had the best time shuffling around in them ,kinda dancing , and hearing the noise they all made as I caused them to be moved.I guess that I was the source of amusement for all the people that saw me acting like a delighted chil. I thought to myself that Fall was really kinda fun , and that I must have really enjoyed doing this as a kid.

-- Jeannie (, August 30, 2001.

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