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I am working on a study related to Stanly County Native American ancestry for publication. I will be presenting some fairly nonstandard theories. I expect to find Stanly County ties to early Woodland/late Mississippian cultures known to have been in this area before European settlement.

My interest at this time is to speak with, photograph, and measure about 100 people with Stanly County ancestry who either "look like Indians" or have strong family traditions of Native American ancestry.

This is an ethnologic (not ethnographic)study, that some people may find offensive, attempting to define familial heritage based on purely non-genealogical methods as well as accepted genealogical practices. The study may provide an oppertunity for mtDNA testing (not inexpensive) as well as genealogical research assistance.

I am also seeking a small number of researchers (anthropology, ethnology, and genealogy) to assist with the study and publication. This is not funded research and is not university affiliated. A good grant writer would be nice...

-- C. R. Turner (, August 26, 2001


if i can be of help please dont hesitate to ask ron hathcock

-- ron hathcock (, May 08, 2002.

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