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Hello, I have recently started B & W photography. However, at the end of EVERY SINGLE roll of film, I produce nothing. That is, you can only see white on the contact sheet. Every other picture comes out fine, but it is always the last 4-5 frames. Any ideas? Thanks!

-- SB Lee (, August 19, 2001


White on the Contact=Black on the Negative=overexposed=light leak(badly). Does this happen w/ color film?


-- Alex Siu (, November 09, 2001.

If you bulk load the film yourself, then at both ends of the roll there will be a couple of inches of black. (these will come out white on the contact sheet)

If dont bulk load your films (if you dont know what that is, then you probably dont bulk load) then only one end will come out black (on the neg) it should be under the width of your camera, if it is, then that's toally normal. If you're losing the first couple of shots you take, and you're using a manual wind camera, make sure you wind the film on twice when you load it before you start taking pictures (this winds the film which was exposed to light as you loaded it on past the shutter)


-- Tim Coleman (, November 11, 2001.

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