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My family also has those stories of Indian ancestry. It has survived thru a branch of the family that moved West in the early 1800s, that had not been in contact with local family until recently. However, after much research in NC and the State Archives of Pennsylvania & West Virginia nothing to prove or disprove the accounts have been found.

The founder of the family, Wendel Millerwas born in Germany and came to Pennsylvania from Rotterdam in 1754, at age 25. Little is known about his first 2 years in America until he was on the tax list for Rowan County in 1759. The date of his marriage & the name of his 1st wife have been unattainable.Frederick Miller, his first child, states on his application for a Revolutionary War pension in Kentucky, that he was born in Rowan County, NC in 1756. Wendel may have been married before he arrived or shortly after coming to America. The family stories state that the 1st wife was Cherokee Indian. Some of our ancestors do 'appear' strongly to be of Indian descent. The stories say that she & the infant son of Frederick died of small pox, which Frederick brought home from the War, and that they were buried together.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where else I might research this possible Indian heritage?

-- Jane (, August 10, 2001

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