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Can anyone help me in telling me to how to make a VCD? I'm a newbie at this VCD stuff. Can someone describe to me how to start with making VCD's?


-- (, August 05, 2001


Okey, you needed 1. Video capture to capture your video into your computer as MPEG-1 format, 2. Video Editing software if you want it look like pro. stuff, and 3. A CD burner with good burning ROM software, e.g. Nero, Adaptec and ETC...

Good luck

-- Cher (, August 06, 2001.

i dont get what a mpeg or that other thing is not the burner but the other thing i want to know if there is a simple way of getting the create your own vcd.

-- jennifer perez (, August 06, 2001.

The easy way is to use any kind of avi file and new version of NERO burning ROM (I use v5.5.2.4)

BUT ... all the answers You may find at:

If you have problems You may mail me

-- ervin (, August 07, 2001.

that webpage is what I was looking for, thanx so much

-- kyle iglesias (, August 07, 2001.

I use Flask Mpeg, Nero Burning Rom 5.2 and TMPGenc you can convert any kind of video file to VCD. Especially good for converting DVD to VCD

-- Mr.Dope (, August 07, 2001.

Just wondering guys when u use nero to make a vcd i am ok with it but what types of files does it support?? i have used it and tested it with mpeg files on my dreamcast which is cool...but can u do the same with asf and avi file types...spank you .AJ.

-- Alex (, September 04, 2001.

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