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I'M a freelance photorapher, starting to do more production stills for film and video. Can you advise me on the standard day rate.

Thanks, Gloria

-- Gloria Upchurch (, August 04, 2001


Hi Gloria Upchurch, I can not really give you advise on the standard day rate, but I can offer you good assistance and help, if you need any!!! I am a photography student from Berlin, Germany and I am intressted in combinations between photography and film...or maybe we could just have nice creative exchanges. I got a lot of experiences in photography work and I am already in NY could help you right now. Would be very nice to hear from you regards Lena Rosa Haendle ph.:1-718-626 18 33

-- Lena Rosa Haendle (, May 22, 2002.

hai iam from india(tamilnadu).iam intrested in photography.can u please advise me what field too choose in the photography area.iam new to this,i don't know what are the fields available in the area of photograhphy.if u answer the would be more helpful to go up in my future.thank you.

-- shanmugam.n.m (, September 30, 2002.


I have been shooting as a unit stills photographer for 20 pays the bills for my personal work. Essentially there is Union (IATSE) or non-union work. I can only assume that you are not an IATSE member or youd know already. As an IATSE stils photog you are a member of the camera dept and rates are presently based on the Camera Operators rate and call. This means that the work day can consist of no less than the work day of the Camera Operator and the rate is minimum scale which is presently in the IATSE contract for camera operators. Many factors differ in this rate depending on 5 or 6 day shooting week studio zone or distant location and mostly based on a 12hr work day. I have been working in Europe on non IATSE deals for the last ten years so I'm not sure what the present rate is. I am asking and receiving regulary $500.00 USD daily for a five day week, time and half for a sixth day and double time for a 7th. I dont charge box or kit rental. On location I ask for $120.00USD for per- diem plus business class airfare. You could probably contact the IATSE local near you for info about becoming a member and about the recent rate sheet. If you really want to do this bigtime in the US you need to eventually join the union. And of course you will need a blimp for your camera if you dont already have one. When your starting out its doubtful you will get the rates I'm talking about unless you become a member of IATSE. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me at:

Best of luck,


-- Larry Horricks (, December 06, 2002.

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