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As Philippe and I discussed today, one of the first things that needs to be established is what priorities YIY has in mind for improvements. More revenue? Less expense? More visits per customer? More revenue per customer? More referrals per customer? Greater student satifaction? Greater instructor satisfaction? A new venue? More instructors?

Once the priorities are nailed down, a baseline can be determined and we can measure progress from that (those) point(s).

So what are the priorities?


-- Anonymous, July 31, 2001


Hello Pete and Philippe. Here you go. We can tighten these up over the next day or two.



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2001 August 2nd: Version 1.0

YiY: Priorities/Projects

1. Increase Quality a. Teachers (The best) b. Product (The best) c. Improve kindness, care and attention given to students. d. Education e. Standards, fundamentals f. Increase long-term well being of students g. 15 minutes prior, the class, 15 minutes after. 2. Increase number of new students a. Increase referrals, friends b. Increase referrals, inside corps. c. Creative advertising d. Increase referrals, teachers 3. Increase Profits and Revenue a. Grow class average b. Add classes during peak time. 4. Increase Repeat Business/Retention a. Greater Student Satisfaction/Happiness. b. Improve suggestion and feedback system. Make improvements. c. More frequency per customer 5 Add classes during peak times by acquiring more local space. Add 10 classes per week. 6 More and better teachers a. Increase Teacher Satisfaction b. Build Teacher Network c. Increase Long-term teacher relationships 7. Expand Reach: YiY Satellite. 8. YiY Certification and Brand a la YogaFit. 9. YiY Tee Shirts 10. Improve presentation/atmosphere and cleanliness for little or no extra cost.

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2001

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