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Hi there Pete and Joseph,

This is a trial message on the bulletin board I suggested. I thought to try this instead of Yahoo Groups because:

- My father uses Yahoo Groups and from his and my experience it is often unreliable, losing messages or being down - This BBoard enables us to download all the messages we post to it, thus allowing us to keep possession of the information we create. With eGroups closing down recently, this is a real possibility on any commercial website, including all mighty Yahoo.

I will take the opportunity to voice a few concerns I have with the experiment.

- According to J's guidelines, I would spend 25% - 33% of my YiY time on this project. My YiY time is 10hrs a week, leaving 2.5 3.5 hrs on this. First I am almost running out of YiY time as it, and second, I don't feel I would be doing this experiment justice by allocating so little time to it. For instance, after finishing this email and including the research, talk to J and P, other emails I will have already spent my time allocation of last week.

- J earlier email today articulated well another concern of mine between differentiating 'volitional magic' with all the other stuff we already do at YiY as a matter of good business practice. In fact I will start a thread just on that question.

- As Pete mentioned, all we need at first is a spreadsheet to act as a DB and a discussion board. But I think even deciding what information we shoudl keep track of and how to do it is a time intensive project.

These are my thoughts for now. Let's see now how this BBoard works.



-- Anonymous, July 30, 2001

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