If you aren't saved then your religious?

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Gods word clearly says that Jesus is the way the truth and the life. nf you go to church and believe that your works please God, your denying Christ as saviour. The sacraments, indulgences, roasary are nothing more then earthly tradtions, that scripture doesn't support. The building is not of God, Christ is the cornerstone, the popes are men who are rich at the expence of deception. Jesus is the answer, purgatory is the lie. The one world order and the popes thoughts are not od God. If you are trusting the pope and the cathecism, then Jesus isn't in your life. May you read the Bible to awkae from the thoughts of decption. Have a blessed day!

-- Alex is saved (Jesusislife@Christianemail.com), July 26, 2001


Hi Alex, I'm happy to know you are saved. Catholics do so many works, acts of love,because of their deep love and appreciation for their savior. Come to a Catholic Church , sit with Jesus, ask Him your questions. He will answer you and bring you to understanding. Catholics have the most personal relationship with Jesus. Come and see!


-- Emily (blessedtoo@hotmail.com), December 17, 2001.

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