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The purpose of this forum is to suggest agendas that will lead to enactment of a bill of economic rights and related reforms to improve individual, family and collective economic and political security in today's uncertain world.

In some ways, this is a forum for agendas to add labor and environmental rights to trade treaties -- and to suggest reforms that will eliminate as many abuses as possible from trade and political systems as we know them.

Your questions can be questions relating to an agenda posted here or they can be implied by your own suggested agenda or changes to other agendas.

A wise fellow remarked -- Don't tell me what to believe. Tell me what you would do. The what-to-do can be briefly stated. I will understand all your reasons without your having to write them or me having to read them.

Pluralism, used here, implies that those elements of capitalism, socialism, humanism, logical-empiricism, common morality, and traditional values, etc., that do not preach against the golden rule, are not automatically shunned in this forum.

But you are asked not to suggest agendas that an educated business person will be unable to follow -- this is not a forum for technical economic or social science authors.

And if you do not believe in supporting Franklin Roosevelt's 1944 bill of economic rights in one form or another you should avoid writing here.

-- john gelles (john@1944.org), July 26, 2001

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