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I have been looking into this question and have come up with the following list of publications and reports (plus a small number of other useful publication links)

We will need to produce this as an annotated list to show the relevance of the list to site users and so the blurbs might be modified to direct the users to specific areas of the reports in some cases.

Can people rack their brains and add any that I have missed to the following list asap? Thjis is of particular relevance to Matt Hardy, Katrina Ball, the library and Jennifer Gibb

Reports produced by NCVER with a building and construction focus, case studies or content include:

1. Learning the job- is all concerned with apprentice training in carpentry and joinery (Harris et al)

2. Australian apprenticeships: Facts, fiction and future (has some relevant data)

3. Industry training monograph on specific topic

4. Future training issues in Australia's industries (building industry chapter included)

5. More than meets the eye (Harris et al; Case study on Building and Construction)

6. Does training pay? (fitted kitchen manufacture, a construction example too with earthmoving etc (depends on scope of the industry); Blandy et al)

7. The body of A and T work (maybe worth a link?)

8. Link to our publications area for topic or word search (or just for general information) is probably a good idea too!

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001

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