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I agree. I suggest you also comment on the same thesis from the perspective of how this affects a developer's own career. A lot of folks think they'll be starting brand new projects every 6-12 months, when in fact in a lot of cases, you can (or will have to) attach yourself to an ongoing product for 10 years or so. Yea, you can switch jobs a lot, but otherwise you are likely to be with something a long time. This isn't all bad, but it is a disappointment to some, especially when the out-years get dull. There aren't enough old timers around yet that have 30-40 year careers that other professions have, but if you find some I bet you'll see a history of people working on products for 5-10 years or longer. So one way to plan a career is to string together 3 or 4 long term efforts, in a planned way.

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2001


yeah, yeah, yeah, true, true, true . . . but *GAWD* who wants to think that's all you'll ever do? a couple of lousy apps and then you're chewing the cudd outside the glue factory? and i coulda been sittin' pretty as a name partner somewhere by then? eGAD! what an industry!

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001

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