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I'm looking for a friend in who moved to San Francisco over 10 years ago, can you helpme find her? Her name is Bernadette Naguiat Medina, Filipino origin. 39 years old. Birthday April25. I'd like to communicate with her again. Please help me. Thanks' Lyn Harvey

-- Lyn Harvey (, July 19, 2001


I think you should look in the yellow pages for San Francisco. See if her name is there. It will probably have her phone number. I'm looking for a friend too. 10 years old, brown hair, regular to skinny weight. Height, around4 feet. I need a new best friend that looks like this and is sort of wild and needs a new best friend too.

-- Lindsey (, May 25, 2002.

yes i wood like rooms ..... thankyou

-- allison,paigie,griffies (, January 04, 2003.

I'm her big brother Ed and she lives in Hawaii now.

-- Alfredo N. Medina (, November 18, 2003.

Dear friendly I'm looking for you as my friend . I know that you have the best friend than me but acepted nbecause of my poor.

-- JOAN ADONGO (, February 02, 2004.

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