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I have been living with my boyfriend for 12 years met when we were a teenagers. We both have had our ups and down but have stayed commited. we decided it was time to have children , so we brought into the world a beautiful baby girl this year. My boyfriend would like to babtise her catholic and I have no problem with it even though I am babtist. The priest informed us we must consider marraige first before babtising our child in this faith . My husband has been married before but not in the Catholic faith , he is also divorce. The priest wants proof of certificate of marraige, and divorce papers (which he has). He would like both of us to consider counselling first.

My concern is I would like to get married first before babtising her in this faith as well my boyfriend has bad credit and we would like to purchase a house soon how will this marraige affect me and am I making the right choice to wait till we are marry to babtise our daughter.

I know, why did we wait so long ? he was never ready however, I really never pushed the issue due to feeling already content in the relationship. I do feel now it is important since we are having a family . I truly believe every good relationship is cultivated by god and I also feel if we going to babtise my daughter in this faith I need to be a part of the faith strongly and commitedly.

Please email me your answers to this question ,I am in need of help.Thanks


-- Anonymous, July 15, 2001

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