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hey hey hey! This is the first time I'v ever been to this site, and I like it a lot...thanx for the invite Tracie - I really appreciate it :) Sorry to start a topic about this, but I couldn't find a place on a previous topic where I could've added my comment on...so I'm starting a new thread...anyway, this site is really great & I'll visit often - I think I'm gonna have to watch my language here...you all seem like you wouldn't like me talking the way I usually do at HL.com - I'll live...you wouldn't believe how many times I'v already had to watch myself while I'm typing this...I can't write a sentance without some offensive comment - but I'll have to learn not to when I'm around this site...for anyone who goes to HL.com, I guess you'll see a different side of me here :) I hope no1 is tooooo scared, j/k...


-- Anonymous, July 07, 2001


Hi and welcome to the site! We hope to be seeing more of you! This is a clean Heath Ledger site and we don't wanna turn it into HL.com! (I hate that place!) lol OKay anyways thanx for stopping by and come back as often as you can! :0)


-- Anonymous, July 07, 2001

I typed my name twice...aren't I special?

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2001

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