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Need to send an email about charity activity (kids' hospital) to Michael, since I think he is likely the most understanding person for this activity.

Is there an email address he might read (don't post it or it will be changed as soon as it becomes public). Send it to me by email, please.

A fax number of his agent or anyone at Neverland would also be good.

-- Anonymous, July 04, 2001


hi micheal, i have been looking on how to ur e-mail address so i can mail u pls mail me back.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2002

just tell micheal that i have the same birthday has him. but i was born 1973 so happy birthday. some day i would like to meet him so buy and lots of luck love always your fan shelly

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2002

Hi, my name is Haether and the reason Michael can't really give out his e-mail address is because he would always have tons of e-mails and after a while he would proboly get tired of wrighting back to everyone but he still loves everyone and i am sure he will get more e- mail addresses so that he can wright more letters. All my love goes out to Micheal Jackson and all the kids in the world. Love you all.

-- Anonymous, August 15, 2002

hi steve! I've also been looking for his email and this is the only one i've found.hope it helps. MichaelJackson@sony.com

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2002

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