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When you visit the multi-million dollar Motorplex Kwinana Beach venue, you almost get a feel of glitz and glamour when you walk through the world leading venue. Well the feeling of "Holywood on dirt" was topped off even further recently when Australian Actor and "Patriot" star Heath Ledger and equally famous Girlfriend "Austin Powers 2" star Heather Graham visited the facility recently!

Some may be surprised that the Hollywood superstar would want to venture to a Dirt Track speedway, but those who know the likeable young star would soon realise it is no coincidence! Heath was a talented go-kart racer in his own right and has a fine racing pedigree in father Kim Ledger - a fine Western Australian Speedcar (midget) star in years past.

So when the opportunity presents itself to have a 'squirt in the dirt' himself - he just could not resist! "He was like a kid in a candy store when he turned up at the track...he was just blown away with the Kwinana facility and was at pains to explain to his fiance (Graham) the significance of this venue. He grew up watching races at Claremont and just loves this new compex," declared Gavin Migro - the Motorplex Marketing Manager.

Of course turning up on a practice night, an opportunity arose for both Graham and Ledger to be taken for a drive in the Motorplex's in-house two seater Sprintcar by local Sprintcar and Speedcar ace Mike Figliomeni and Local Sprintcar star Gavin Migro of which both took the opportunity dare I say with 'Two Hands'! "Heather found the experience quite startling...the raw horsepower of a Sprintcar amazed her but Heath having a solid understanding of Speedway just relished the thrill of it all," said Migro. Then the excitement factor was increased even further, with Ledger been given an opportunity to drive Figliomeni's potent Speedcar (midget) around the high banked Motorplex. Within no time at all Ledger was turning impressive laps in the midget and impressed the onlookers that were there. "With the lap times he was doing he would be a good mid pack runner locally right off the bat and with some serious seat time he would win races for sure...his talent as a racer is as obvious as his ability as actor," said Migro.

After the practice session, both Ledger and Graham took in an opportunity to return to the state of the art Kwinana venue later in the week and watch some red hot Sprintcar and Midget action.

Ledger & Graham were holidaying in Ledger's home city Perth, Western Australia before returning overseas to resume their respective acting careers.

Now...exlusive to SPRINTCARWORLD and thanks to local photographer Jon Gall, here are some photos of the exclusive track appearance of the mega-star on the rise - Heath Ledger!

Im just trying to start conversation...

-- Anonymous, June 27, 2001


Hey! Great article! It said HEath and Heather were engaged! I guess tha mag don't know what they're talkin bout! lol

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2001

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