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Hi all, Does anyone have any insights on how to improve ones memory...??? I am currently studying to take several Microsoft Certifications and have to learn and memorize a lot of Data quickly. So I am looking for any help on improving myself as I can get... Here are some things I have found so far... Body Builders use a couple product that are great for memory as well... Twinlab has a product out called Maxilife II, Choline Cocktail. That combined with L-Tyrosine will greatly enhance brain function. After taking this for a couple days you will feel less fuzzy... Body Builders take it because it allows the brain to recruit more muscle fibers and therefore allow for greater strenght and size gain. Of course that enhances ALL brain functions. There is also a product called PowerDrive by Biotest out that accomplishes the same thing. EAS has a smiliar product called Neurogain. On the BRAIN.COM website (Check it out) they sell there special brain formular for 100$ which is the same thing you get in the Body Building products..... The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas. Simple things you can do to improve your memory. I just started it and am done with the first chapter... Seems really like a wonderful book and got high marks on Amazon. Books about Mind Mapping by Tony Buzan.... Has anyone here have had experience with the Paul Scheele series from Learning Strategies...?? I was able to pick up several products like Memory Supercharger - Hypnosis and of course the Photoreading seminar. Let's get a discussion started on this... Dieter Scholtyssek

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