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Hello, The posting is just my experience in a job fair orgainised by a company that claims providing benefits for high-quality, low-cost financial products, as well as responsive service, disciplined investment management, and unrivaled professional integrity. The company had decided to open a new division or move the HQ to this place and so they had just finished the building and the job fair was meant to pre-screen candidates. Entering a jobfair itself showed the level of inefficiency in the company. I had to tell my name to 3 different people and all they did was mark your name in your list and tell you what direction to go. A simple sign could have accomplished the same because all the particapants came to the same place. The interviews themselves were in 20 minute blocks in a big room and candidates where given a table number to goto and asked to lineup and paraded like prisoners / children before entering the hall. The previous batch was interviewing and one HR person shouted " 5 more minutes for the next batch to enter".On entering the interviewee looked very tired and had the standard set of interview questions "asking about previous projects etc". Again 5 minutes before the alloted time the HR gave the same shout. Eventually we wrapped up and the interviewer says somebody will give me a call, noting down some points. That is it.

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2001


Job fair horror: I'm a middle-aged retiree. I attended a job fair this May for an alumni association. Seventy companies had booths for about 800 middle-aged (folks like me) wearing black suits. The booth manager were teenagers wearing golf shirts and khiki pants. I'm convinced that the exibitors were there for PR, that there were no more than 10 jobs really available. After an hour I ran for the door.

-- Anonymous, June 25, 2001

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