A New Title for the New Job

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I recently started in a new position and was given the title, "Process Management Facilitator." The problem is that people don't understand what that is or they think it's only about process mapping. My real role is to facilitate process improvement teams using a six-step process module and help the team members effectively work together. So I'm looking for suggestions for a new, descriptive, and unique title for my business cards and stationary.

Any suggestions? The wilder the better. Be imaginative.


-- Michael Lorence (michael.lorence@abbott.com), June 14, 2001



sounds to me like you are a process consultant: you are not hired for your subject expertise, but for your ability to help keep process improvement processes on track. There is a whole body of work on process consultation, particularly by Edgar Schein. It _is_ a difficult role to describe, because its product is a successful process, not a tangible thing. Good luck with moving into the new position. If you are interested in process consultation, there is an egroup forming on it (www.yahoogroups.com). Ed Schein's official web page (which I edit) also points to work on process consultation. Good luck!

-- Dori Digenti (digenti@learnmaster.com), June 18, 2001.

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