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Hisrory shows a church that sells salvation, men who claim to be of Peter yet are rich moneymongers, robbing from the poor. Anyone can see corruption underneath the white washed tomb of the prostitue who sits on many waters. Works are at the heart of false religions, come out from among them and I will be your God. Jesus died once for the sins of the world, yet the false religions crucify's him again and again in a vain manner, as the heathen they pray memorized prayers. Judge for yourseves according to scripture, why we don't need a relious building of images? Jesus saves

-- Alex is saved (, June 14, 2001


Why do so many anti-Catholics have problems with spelling, syntax, and puncuation? It looks as if you are claiming to be God!

I've been a Catholic for 25 years now and would never go back to any of the Protestant churches I used to attend. I found Jesus in the Catholic Church, not in the emotional binges of the pentacostals.

-- Bonnie (, September 17, 2001.

Oops! I meant punctuation!

-- Bonnie (, September 17, 2001.

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