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Had any car experiences that didn't exactly make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

-- Samantha (, June 14, 2001


yes. I totalled my '94 Lebaron. Typical winter story- he was slowing down, surprised me, I slowed down but not enough, car didn't stop as ground was mix of snow/rain. When I realized I was going to hit, I just closed my eyes and waited for the impact. -crash- didn't realize how bad the damage was till i tried to get out of my car and couldn't fully open the door. Pic is here: That would be the smushed car-and the air bag didn't go off. humph.

-- Meredith (, June 14, 2001.

I certainly have. I was going South on highway 69 (oklahoma) and saw a huge semi coming down an exit ramp doing what appeared to be @ least 55 mph. I quickly glanced to my left, hoping to find the lane available but instead saw it blocked by a white car-matching my speed. I slowed down-as did the white car and saw the semi bearing down on me, about to make an appearance in the passenger's seat. The white car to my left looked more appealing than the semi so I jerked my wheel in its direction and bumped it into the median. No one was hurt and damage was minimal. Yay for highway sandwiches. I now drive planes-less traffic.

-- Meghann Diannea (, June 16, 2001.

I was turning left into my street from a major road here in Oklahoma City. There was two lanes of oncoming traffic. The usual fast lane and slow lane. A guy in the fast lane (oncoming) stopped and was waving for me to go ahead and turn. Of course, no one in their right mind stops in the middle of a major road to let someone from the oncoming side of traffic go. Well, he wouldn't move and the guy behind me flipped me off and was looking very impatient. I pulled slowly forward into my turn and didn't see any cars around this truck in the slow lane so I proceeded. Well, come to find out, a lady was coming behind the stopped truck and changed lanes real quick and hit me. Real hard. Totaled my '94 Toyota Tercel. I miss my car, so badly. I got a bruise in the exact same place where my seatbelt was. From my left shoulder to my right stomache across the stomache. I had proof when they asked if I was wearing it. The cornea on my eye was cut from the particles in the airbag and I was on heavy eye medication until it healed. For several months I thought I had permanantly impaired my vision, luckily it has come back in the last year or so. The lady that hit me had no injuries and was out of the ER before I was. She called a year later, asking me insurance questions because she was sueing. I told her if she wanted information to contact my insurance company and to leave me alone. I hate Americans. The Police officer who handled my ticket (I got the ticket, $90) was very very very sweet. He was so nice to me. He didn't want to give me a ticket because of teh awkward situation at hand but he had to because of the law. The car wreck impacted my life in so many different ways. I can't get my mind off of death. That is all I really think about nowadays. I go to bed crying sometimes. Wishing such a terrible thing didn't have to happen to me. I wasted about $4500 of my parents money on that car. I only had liability insurance. I haven't had a car in over a couple of years. We just got the $800 ambulance bill not too long ago. My mom sent it to the insurance company and told them it was their job to take care of it and not ours. I guess I'm just happy to be alive. I drive a lot more carefully than I ever did before.

-- Candace (, July 17, 2001.

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