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What strategies can be used to set goals for a work-team?

-- Christopher Galdes (, June 14, 2001


I am the mgr. of 25 telephone operators in a hospital. We have 3 outcome goals. Your outcome goals must be measurable or you will not know where you are at any given time. Our out goals are 1. Customer Satisfaction- this is measured by surveys sent out to customers internal and external. 2. Quality emergency procedure processing, this is measured by documentation of errors 3. Positive Call effiency which is measured by montioring and how the operators handle calls such as "did the operator speak clearly?

I would look at my outcomes and see what would be an acceptable range. I use a level 1,2 & 3. 1 not acceptable 2 is meeting expectation 3 means exceeding expectation.

Hope this helps.

-- Celestia Ramm (, September 11, 2001.

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