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There was a topic not long ago on here ref, "When did the DMV get the right to go armed" , Well since 1921, DMV Enforcement was established in 1921, and was the first state law enforcement division for the state. I guess this guy who wrote that topic in does not know how big the NCDMV is, he must have gotten license examiners mixed up with the Enforcement section. These guys drive around in the blue cars, and they have alot of power, they enforce federal and state motor vehicle laws, mainly on big trucks, but on cars too! they have vascar and radars also. I know for a fact that they have to go through extensive training to enforce commercial vehicle laws. The guy who wrote the other post on here must be really ignorant!! NC has several law enforcement divisons, NCDMV Enforcement, NCSHP, Wildlife Enforcement, NCALE, NCSBI, NC Marine fisheries. It's like this, If you see a man or woman with a badge, gun and a blue light on there car, they can write you a ticket..

-- steve (, June 10, 2001

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