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photographic grants ? Message: i'm a french photographer, i'm working on urban landscapes around the world (global project), i went already twice in India (5 towns), Japan(Tokyo), Egypt(cairo), France(marseille, avignon), Portugal(lisbon)... I'm looking for grants, residence, or any supports for artists to work on big cities around the world, including US cities of course !

Any help ?

-- david giancatarina (, June 06, 2001



You might try the Graham Foundation in Chicago, which supports projects about architecture. I do not see anything there saying it is only for US citizens.

The Guggenheim Foundation will only support US, Canadian, Latin American & Caribbean applicants.

Cheers, Sandy

-- Sandy Sorlien (, June 06, 2001.

Hmm, odd, I had the URL in my last post and it disappeared. Here it is again.

-- Sandy Sorlien (, June 06, 2001.

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