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I just purchased a Doten Dunton Arm Chair at an estate sale. The chair is solid mahogony or cherry wood with a small oval black leather back tacked with brass tacks. On the bottom of the chair is a signed seal with the initials of EBG and written James..something... Building. The something looks like O'matt. There are numbers on the chair 30-7-49.

Can anyone tell me the value or history of the chair. It is beautifull and in perfect condition.

Please 'E" mail me at

Thanks..Ralph Thomas

-- Ralph Thomas (, June 01, 2001


re: Doten-Dunton Chair

Hello Ralph,

I wish that I could find one at an estate sale. If you have not already done so, there is a complete section in the Archive section of the Web site that pertains to the Doten-Dunton Furniture Company. Also example photos.

I am not aware of a particular person or company that specializes in appraising Doten-Dunton pieces, but you might want to troll from time to time. There are occasionally pieces that go up for sale there and the final prices might give you an idea as to what the market value of your piece is.


-- Mike Dunton (, June 07, 2001.

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