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hi everyone, has anyone created a vcd with miro dc30 and ulead mspro 5.2 and adaptic delux 4.0? my system is pentium 200mmx 64meg ram 30 gb hard drive space & mini dvcam. do i need to use a encoder if so which one? i have had some clients ask about having there footage put onto cd. please help.

-- bruce stone (, May 30, 2001


First, your Pentium is too slow. Entry level nowadays is PIII1Ghz. If it looks like you have to change your motherboard too, that's exactly what it involves: get an 815 chipset. Second, you have a DV camcorder you shouldn't be caught dead without a FireWire interface on your PC. The simplest way to add this is to get ADSTech Pyro1394 card, which in fact comes with MSPro6 VE and can thus replace your MSPro5.2. Whether it will behave kindly with your DC30 is for U to find out. Get at least 128MB of RAM and a separate UltraATA100 HDD for a capture drive, throw away Adaptec Easy CD Deluxe (replace it with Nero 5.5, WinOnCD, anything BUT Easy CD), get TMPGenc then go to and or for more.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, May 31, 2001.

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