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Dejah vu is a private bulletin board continuing in the tradition of the old bulletin board of The Enterprise Mission. We keep its existence confidential, as we've built up a certain level of trust over the past year.

Please do not reveal the board's location or passwords. If someone new is to come in, I'll send them that information. It should be noted that while we had some new people who hadn't been part of the old TEM board proposed as members in the EZboards configuration, they were given the password but never participated.

Subject matter for discussions will undoubtedly be the same sort of topics we discussed at The Enterprise Mission, but I've put in a section for "off-topic" or unclassifiable subjects. I've organized some rough themes for the "forums," feel free to ask for others as needed.

One thing I think we all agree we value highly was the civility and respectful tone we found in most of the discussions at TEM's old board. I trust that we will not have entries that need removal. I'm personally not bothered by a bit of thread drift, but those of you who are sticklers for keeping threads to topic can police it tactfully yourself. Those who introduce a thread topic "own" it, and can

This BBS software does not have any sort of profanity filter. My language tends to be pretty earthy at times, but if anyone feels the need to issue a red flag for language at any time things start to feel uncomfortable for their own sense of decorum, please speak up. We are not telepathic, and everyone's voice matters. I will warn you right now, I am likely to jump upon sexist assumptions, such as referring to the audience as "gentlemen," if only because they will imply that you are not thinking clearly.

Bulletin boards that operate with unstated assumptions soon have unhappy participants. If this one seems to have unstated rules, call us on them. We want whatever structure that exists for this board to be that which helps further the dialogue, rather than being structure that hinders it.

There are conversations we can have here that we can't easily have anywhere else. I welcome you to explore the possibilities.

"Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, power, and grace." -- Goethe

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2001

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