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Description The engineers will mostly be installing, maintaining new Sun servers at the hardware level at new premises.

Skills required

Models of Servers involved areE5500, E5000, E4500, E4000, E3000, E3500, E250, E450, E220, E420A range of desktops are involved such ad Ultra2, Ultra 5 etc.

Relevant : Basically if the engineers have attended the following courses as a minimum then they would qualify. Fundamentals Of Solaris Sun Desktop System Maintenance Enterprise E450/E250 Maintenance Enterprise Ex000 & Ex500 Server Maintenance.

The Server engineers need to have had the basic trainings as above, with 3-6months experience.

The desktop engineers need to have done the following training :

Fundamentals Of Solaris and Sun Desktop System Maintenance, and 2-3months of experience. Total :. + 1-2 Yrs

-- Devendra Kakkar (, May 26, 2001

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