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Hi Keith - your web-site is fantastic! I have really enjoyed my visits to it (sporadic as they may be...) Your observations on events in Bosnia and surrounding areas, particularly those on the recent troubles, are pithy and thoughtful, although I do not feel qualified to comment substantively on the events you record. We are fine and busy with May/June craziness both at work and with the kids' activities. V. experienced international travel to England and had a wonderful time - made her appreciate there really is a wider world out there! H. is working on a presentation about Monet, who she discovered had cataracts and commented that this condition may have given rise to Impressionism...who knows, maybe it did! Ally, who is shortest in her class, made the tactical error of trying out for the high jump event, with predictable (although not to her) results - my heart went out to her - it's tough to figure things out the hard way. DOugald has been working very hard on interesting cases and got poison ivy, having engaged in picking same at the cottage. We are all going to upper N.Y> State this weekend to celebrate my mother's 70th (she's young!!) birthday. Please pass on to Susan. No doubt you will be welcomed home (fervently!) upon your return. Love to all, Pat

-- Pat Wilson (, May 24, 2001

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