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Please help. I want to make a VCD that I can distribute to other people so that they can watch it on their PC. Most people do not know how to locate .dat files to play the vcd eg using Media player. Do you know of any freely distributable player which I can put on the CD that will auto play when it is played in the CD ROM drive of any PC Thanks in advance Darren

-- Darren Moore (, May 23, 2001


Check out my web site: There's a small tutorial on how to use EZCD Video creator to make a VCD that will autostart on any PC that has 6.x or better Media player. (which I guess is almost all of them)

-- Rich (, May 23, 2001.

I do this using Nero and Roxio VCD Player, and I'm rather sure you can do it using different software. First, create an autorun.inf file. Mine consists of

[autorun] open = vcd_play.exe

Then with Nero, create your VCD as usual. Then simply drop autorun.inf and vcd_play.exe (or whatever player you're going to supply) onto the root directory of the VCD layout (in the upper left corner). Then burn, and it seems to run fine. =)

-- Jason (, June 12, 2001.

Hi, I've discovered something interesting... if you add in your autorun: open= vcd_play.exe /FS thsi seems to mean that it will play in Full screen mode... And it works: Does anyone knows other parameters on the VCD play "player always on top" for example... I'm interested... Greatings from Paris.

-- Seb (, June 08, 2002.

Well done Seb!

after your discovery of /FS or /fullscreen, i found some other commands, like /hc or /hidecontrol and /ds or /defaultsplitter. I havent' tried them yet, i found them looking into the file.exe


-- Emilio Le Roux (, December 17, 2003.

I've got another question, why can't I play VCD with menu if I want distribute my VCD with roxio's vcd_play? All it does is starting menu but I cannot choose anything within menu positions.. It makes me really nervous.

-- blady (, April 20, 2004.

vcd play

-- bhagwan sahai singhal (, May 30, 2004.

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