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Greetings. Currently i'm using Premiere 6.0 to edit my home video. Sadly, Premiere always hang. This is especially so when I am working on a rather huge DV AVI (roughly 15 mins) at one go. Is there ways to allocate max resource solely for Premiere usage?

If it is useful, my system configaration is:

1G Thunderbird 256MB SDRAM 1x 20G for operating system 2x 20G(RAID) solely for video IEEE firewire card SONY PC 5

Any form of advice would be appreciated. Thanks. :)

-- foo chek wee (, May 23, 2001


15 minutes is really not a large avi and still under the 19 minute 4G if you on a windows limitation. In my view it is however a bit large for selective editing so........

I wonder if you have considered using "Scenalyser" or "seLIVE" to split the files into clips for easier working and less strain on the system plus you can pre edit and save drive space before you even go near Premiere 6 and the edit.

The URL is

-- Ross McL (, May 23, 2001.

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