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Before and during the Civil War the Unionists were focused about Union Square. Just who and where were the supporters of the Confederate cause hanging their hat?

-- Jay Archibald (, May 20, 2001


Most Confederates tended to keep a rather low profile once the Civil War broke out. From my reading, they seemed to be more active in 'outlands' like the San Joaquin Valley and the gold diggins rather than San Francisco proper. However, the best authority on this topic is Dr. Robert Chandler at the Wells Fargo Bank's history center.

-- John Martini (, May 21, 2001.

People were imprisoned for disloyality during the Civil War in various parts of the country, ususally newspaper publishers. So imagine that they did keep a low profile in San Francisco.

-- ziggy (, May 21, 2001.

Among aristocrats, South Park was definitely the favored residential area for Southern sympathizers. Several Confederate Generals came from this area. General Albert Sidney Johnston (who lived at 30 Rincon started out as a Union General and became a Confederate General. But of course General William Tecumseh Sherman also lived in south Park)> See "Rincon Hill and South Park" by Albert Shumate.


There was the Broderick/Terry duel out by Lake Merced in 1859. David Broderick strongly anit-slavery became a State Senator in favor of the North. His criticism of Calif Chief Justice David Terry (who was with the South), resulted in his being mortally wounded. This led to greater sympathy to the North by most San Franciscans at the time....

-- Craig Smith (, May 22, 2001.

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