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How does little league rule 4.06 -2 relate to the chatter the ball players use while on the field or from the dugout? Why are so many teams chanting at the opposing pitchers or batters in a negative, arrogant, obnoctious, distracting way? the little league rule book defines the batter and the pitcher as well as the umpire. When teams are holering at the batter and the pitcher to me they are reflecting on that person. Teams are forced to respect the umpires. Why are we not respecting the batter or the pitcher. Both positions are defined and they are a person with feelings that is trying to do a good job. I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel chatter should be positive in nature and directed to their own team mates, to encourage and motivate. I do not feel bollering and directing chatter at the opposing pitcher/batter should be permitted. This type of chatter is not permitted in higher levels of baseball. Why should it be permitted form our youth?

-- M. Dean Ringwalt (, May 16, 2001

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