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You know you want to leave me a comment... C'mon, do it. I dare you.

-- -Ethan (, May 12, 2001


{{ Some might say, "Kids will be kids" but I'm thinking I did the right thing... yes? }}

Only because you asked: you most certainly did the right thing (though you already know this). If more older siblings and parents had taken the action you had, life for a lot of kids and teens would be much more...cheerful? Granted, there will never be an end to name-calling, but at least your little brother will be the one parents marvel at, girls fawn over, and adults want their kids to hang around because he's "a good influence".

In other words: "yay you".

-- Ryan (, May 17, 2001.

I don't blame you in the least. I didn't think I could give it up...I'm beginning to think differently.

-- Christy (, June 05, 2001.

I liked Gatsby, but I liked the narrator more. I despised Ethan Frome, though. The book and the man.

-- Jean Graczewski (, June 11, 2001.

you probably think im a geek and dont want me reading this, and it kinda actually feels creepy that im reading someones diary.. heh.. anyways

but i just wanted to say you are too fricken cute with your little brother. i have a nephew and thats been like the best thing to ever happen to me (cuz my little sister is 13 now, and not much fun anymore). i like live for taking this kid out and doing things with him. and i get so mad at myself if i cant pick him up, or do something i promised (though im sure he hardly realizes cuz hes just a little over 2). but awww i just wanted to say its cute. byebyebye

-- Katie (, June 12, 2001.

what? flying to nyc for an Ani concert....psha is all I can say to that. She was in Maine when I was in New York and in New York now that I'm in Maine. God hates me...I think everyone I know has seen her but me. Um...and that's all I have to say. Just a little pointless whining. heh....

-- Christy (, June 18, 2001.

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