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I have read with interest the contents of the site, unfortunately it is geared towards the IT industry. I work in the vehicle leasing industry and up until now have had to try and take best practice from other industries and adapt where possible to suit our situation. Many of our suppliers have not got the ability to report on their adherance to the agreed Service Level Indicators as agreed with us. We have Service Level Agreements in place with most suppliers but have difficulty establishing effective measurement tools with our suppliers. Typically we have to rely on our own quality procedure to highlight any issues with the contracts, which are in the main specialist service procedures rather than IT contracts. Do you know of any methods we could employ to get the most out of our SLA while we are waiting for our supplier community to be in a position to automate their performance criteria ????? Ideally we would get all of our suppliers to re-map their Processes and develop new IT systems that have the ability to "audit" what they do, we are working on this but it still some way off. I would appreciate any help or reading lists that may be more applicable to our non-IT situation. Thanks

-- Anthony Dowdall (, May 10, 2001


HI Anthony I am currently setting up servioce level management in a non-IT environment, and found that there is a lot of staff around performance management, espcially usingf the balanced scorecard which provides a good perspective on non-IT performance measures. Please send me any info which you may have found after placing the message on the forum, it wouls be greatly appreciated. Regards Lisa Ross RSA The Project Office

-- Lisa Ross (, March 28, 2002.

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