What if you held a forum and nobody came?

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Why do I have one of these? I really should just kill the damn thing. Maybe when I redo my site. Yeah. That's the ticket.

-- Travis (tamlin_blackmere@hotmail.com), May 03, 2001


I'm here... Don't kill it! If you kill it, how do you know if it will take off or not?

-- Kate (clump@diaryland.com), May 17, 2001.

Good point. I shall stay it's execution.

-- Travis (blackmere@hotmail.com), May 21, 2001.

I'm here again. Sorry I haven't been back in a while. Glad to see you haven't killed it yet. Keep it going. You never know. I haven't been around 3WA lately. Too busy with work.

-- Kate (clump@diaryland.com), August 10, 2001.

Hell I haven't been around here lately. I was a little surprised that someone had said anything. It was 13 days ago and I just noticed. Sad really.

-- Travis (blackmere@hotmail.com), August 23, 2001.

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