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I have a G4 350 and want to know if processor can be upgraded. Where and how do I buy new processor? Prices of same if possible?

Bill Wolken

-- Bill Wolken (wwolken@yahoo.com), May 03, 2001


Hi there,

Yes your G4 350 is definitely upgradeable. The question is which upgrade "type" is compatible with your particular machine. I cannot tell from your question if you have a G4 350 PCI or G4 350 AGP graphics machine. Despite their similar names and identical processors, those two machines are actually quite different. As a result different upgrade cards must be used for each machine. To help figure out which machine you have (if you don't already know) check:

http://kbase.info.apple.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/kbase.woa/37/w a/viewDocument?extKCID=58418

Then when you know, consult:


Which is an invaluable resource for all sorts of upgrades, both related and unrelated to the processor.

Since Newer Technology (RIP) is no longer, my personal recommendation is Sonnet Technology's upgrades. They make a model for the G4 PCI machine:


You could upgrade to either a 400 or 500 MHz. G4. I don't recommend purchasing the 500 MHz. G3 chip, though it is listed as being compatible.

and also a model for the G4 AGP:


This upgrade is a dual 500 MHz. processor card which will give you a speed bump from 350 to 500, and then throw in an extra processor, making multi-processor aware apps, like Photoshop, considerably faster. OS X should take advantage of multiple processors, though I haven't seen any hard data either way. It is the only upgrade I know of for the G4 AGP machine.

PowerLogix also makes an upgrade for the G4 PCI:


but I don't see one for the G4 AGP.

XLR8 also makes upgrades for the G4 PCI:

http://www.xlr8.com/ProductInfo/machspeedg4zmpe/index.html http://www.xlr8.com/ProductInfo/MPUpgrades.html

The first is a single processor upgrade, the second is a multi-processor upgrade. They do not make an upgrade for the G4 AGP.

Any questions, feel free to write.


--Evan Trent ATPM Technical Wizard

-- Evan Trent (etrent@atpm.com), May 03, 2001.

Sorry! That link for checking to see which model you have should be:




-- Evan Trent (etrent@atpm.com), May 03, 2001.

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