April Minutes

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Ness Creek Board of Directors Meeting - April 22/01 - Earth Day

Present: Kathi, Kerri, Gord, Oriol, Brenda R., Brenda G., Lorne Zdunic (guest), Bill Hudson (guest) Regrets: Mark, Barry Absent: Jayson, Glen, Matt, Sharon, Michael

1) Business arising from March minutes. Work Place Practicum Student, in process. Jack Millikin - Order of Canada, in process. Insurance Policy - Issues: lease agreement, overflow parking, raku firing (vendor should have their own insurance),. Radios - In process.

Move to accept the March 2001 BOD minutes as read. Kathi/Brenda G.. Carried.

2) Move to adopt the agenda. Brenda G./Gord. Carried.

3) Financial Report. $6,800.00 in the bank. Finance Committee meeting needed.

4) Security Report (Lorne). Lorne will check with Jayson re: First aid logistics. Who will enforce/monitor patrons arriving early/leaving late? Lorne to proceed with negotiations with Orrin, taking into account Heather and Laurie’s concerns from last year.

5) Site Report (Gord). Suggestion to lease quonset.

Move that the BOD authorize Site Committee to sign agreement for lease purchase of Cover-All or Diamond Shelter with a ceiling of $6000.00 per year for 5 years (all costs included). Kathi/Oriol. Carried.

Move that the BOD authorize Executive to negotiate and finalize an addendum to the lease regarding canopy. Michael/Oriol. Carried.

Gord - please notify all board members of this decision.

6) Office Move Update. $714.00 has been spent on the move (movers, phone, etc.).

Move that the BOD authorize the Office/Personnel Committee to purchase fax machine, at most $175.00 including taxes. Michael/Brenda R.. Carried.

Move that NCCRS give (1) one free entrance and backstage pass to Terry Schwam. Gord/Michael. Carried.

7) Monthly Coordinator Meetings. Saturday May 26th and June 16th, 7-9pm, Office. Board Meetings May 27th and June 17th @ 1pm, @ Amigo’s.

8) Planning Document Review. Ad Hoc Committee on Policy: Barry, Mark, Kathi, Michael will report in May.

9) Prairie Sculptors Association. The BOD approves 4 passes to the PSA for repairs/maintenance/improvements to Children’s Area. Prairie Sculptors should ensure safety concerning their structures. They (should) coordinate their work with Auralee. Barry to get proposal from PSA on their intent and present to Coordinators at May Mtg.

10) Other Business.

Kathi will contact Tanya regarding increased inventory of mugs.

Gord will talk with Jayson re: discussions with RCMP.

Kathi will talk with Tanya re: discussions with RCMP.

Meeting Space. Will continue to meet in Amigo’s.

Agenda Item for November 2001 (approx.) Meeting: review Early Bird Price Date. Discuss possibility of Family Rate.

Board requests that Jen/Seanna prepare agenda and co-chair the coordinator meetings in May 26th and June 16th.

Michael has submitted his resignation as a Director of the Board.

11) Move to adjourn. Kerri/Kathi. Carried.

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2001

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