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I guess the existence of this board is undeniable proof that Jesus saves even those whom society labels "dumbasses". Your doing a fine job as the Grand Wizard of this fine group, Alejandro the Great. My regards.

-- odiebe (, April 19, 2001


Greetings: WIth the grace of God I welcome you though I could see many of your hearts are from Jesus. If society deems anything so be it, society doesnt give me eternal life. I only have access to a computer for half a day, so may you consider this before being hasty in judgment. I started this in the hopes that the Lord does open true seekers eyes. The catholic church is a historical pillar of bloodshed, very contradictive to Jesus Christ. I know the love is Jesus real, by Gods grace as his gift we can be saved when we open our hearts. I will start a thread and hopefully we can be civil and reason from the scriptures as Gods truth wich isnt in the Catholic church. If in your heart your angry, can you be healed yes. Have a blessed day.

-- ALex saved by Jesus (, April 20, 2001.

Hey dumbo ( Alex saved by grace ( ),

Why don't you at least post a thread if you're going to start a forum? What's the point here? What abominations are you talking about, Methodists? Quakers? Hari Krshna???????????

-- Not Associated (with@the.prior.poster), April 19, 2001.

Praise The Lord God Almighty. I'am Happy to see this new thread and will support it with as much help that I can. This will eXpose alot of what the Catholic Church has hid for so many years under the name of "Christanity".

Whoever started this thread has been led by the Lord....

-- Ben (, April 20, 2001. expose those who wish to discredit the one true Church.

-- odiebe (, April 20, 2001.

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