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I have just begun experimenting in ripping the movie Hackers from my dvd to vcd's. I have got the dvd down to a good quality mpeg that plays well straigt of the Hard Drive.

But as soon as i burn the mpeg the resulting VCD has a scrambled image and broken sound. I have made the mpeg using

DVD-Extractor & Media Cleaner 5

when that failed i used M-pack as well with the same results, i have also tried VCDgear with no luck. Can anybody give me an idea where i am going wrong. My computer configuration is: G4 400, 128 meg ram, DVD-ROM, USB 4x burner

Thank you for any help

-- Nathan Wiliams (, April 19, 2001



-- arjay r. pagud (, April 19, 2001.

Thought you had to use MacMPEG2Decoder or something after extraction. See Mac advice at Also, see MacMPEG2Decoder instructions at DecoderDocs.html

-- Jim Arneson (, June 12, 2001.

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