Fenugreek as cover crop?

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Hello, I've reluctantly plowed up slightly more than an acre of land -- it's the first time this land has been plowed in 40+ years. It was covered with an extremely thick, dense pasture grass with very heavy clay underneath. I am planning to plant a variety of medicinal herbs in it in coming years. Right now, I want to cover crop this area... I am planning on red clover but I have read that fenugreek is good for breaking up heavy clay soils. Does anyone have any suggestions for cover crops in this situation, considering my space (+ one acre), my soil (clay), my altitude (mountains!, 7,000 feet), and my grass (lots of it).

Thanks. Please e-mail if you can.


-- Kristen Davenport (kristen@laplaza.org), April 17, 2001

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