Discuss amongst yourselves: euphemisms for "pissy" and "moody"

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Ready? Discuss.

-- Leslie (ljohnson530@hotmail.com), April 16, 2001


Response to Discuss amongst yourselves

LOOK AT ME!!! I'M DISCUSSING!!! WOOWOO! Nice discussion thingy... You'll be sorry....

-- Aimee the Geek (::Snort::) (aimee@geektastic.com), April 16, 2001.

Response to Discuss amongst yourselves

This thing should open in a separate window. Maybe?

-- Aimee the Geek (::Snort::) (aimee@geektastic.com), April 16, 2001.

Sensitive. Or maybe "princess" as in "don't f**k with da PrinCESS!"

-- Jen (jen@geektastic.com), April 17, 2001.

Hi Les. 1) One would be INfelicitious, not UNfelicitious. Ahh, lovely linguistics and it's devil music. ;-) 2) I feel as though your loathing of Northwestern, the bastards, and U of PA is somehow and act of love for me. ::sniff::sniff:: You so nice to me. 3) You didn't miss much in class today, except me given Dr. Don a hard time. Get me on meds and I'm sassin everyone. I told him he had to bring his mother to school one day and that I was just trying to keep him honest (saying 'semantics' when he means 'pragmatics'--whata geek!). 4) See ya(?)

-- Merde (meredith@niu.edu), April 19, 2001.

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