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I live in Houston Texas. The mother of three grown children. Would it be possible for me to start a "Doula" referral service? Without experience working as a Doula. I would be matching Doulas with families,and charging a small finders fee to the family. I wouldn't charge the Doulas anything for being listed with my service. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Vera

-- Vera Williams (, April 16, 2001



That sounds like a great business and probably one that would do very well in Houston. There are business of that sort already in the area but the population and lifestyle there is such that you would probably not have much of a problem finding business. The thing to consider though is liability. I would not want to discourage you in any way from doing what you believe in and fulfilling your dreams. I just want to make you aware of the fact that there would be a lot of liability involved in any caregiver referral business. If you decide to do this then be sure you have plenty of legal advice and advice of professionals that have done the same or similar type businesses. You can get a lot of help from

Good Luck!

Tricia L. Saxbury, CD (AmDN) Baby Steps Birthing Solutions (Central MO)

-- Tricia Saxbury (, May 28, 2001.

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