Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter, everyone! Have any Easter memories you'd like to share? Or just want to add your wish for a joyous day? Please do either or both.

-- Becky (becky-says@diaryland.com), April 15, 2001


Happy Easter to one and all. Easter joy comes in many forms and I wish it for you whether for you it's a significant religious day, a rite of spring, or the day that Peeps go on sale in the afternoon. Best to all.

-- Wendy (spam@beckysays.com), April 15, 2001.

Easter Blessings to all that drop in from family gatherings today.

I never used to miss Easter Sunrise services, the last two years I have missed them. I love the sanctuary filled with Easter lilies, the special choir music.

As a child we never had new clothes for the occasion (my mom made those 'snarky' comments, I probably hold some guilt there too). But one year I remember my new Easter white hat with the deep blue velvet band ribbon with clusters of daises! Perhaps that is where my love of hats orginated. Now my hair is too short. :-)

-- Bonnie (texasbonnie1@yahoo.com), April 15, 2001.

I have run on at great length about my eightieth birthday party on Saturday, which was a bash to end all bashes, but in its way it was holy to me, a huge family gathering where, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins, uncles, aunts, Gramps and Great Gramps, happily gathered, broke bread and enjoyed being with each other. I think the high point of the party was when we formed a hand held circle of about 40 plus people and my oldest son asked the blessing - - - - there wasn't one person missing from the circle.

-- Denver doug (ionoi@webtv.net), April 15, 2001.

Doug, what a lovely day you must have had! And I truly understand its holy aspects. I know many of us were there in spirit, and I'm extremely glad for you that all your circle could be unbroken.

-- Becky (beckysayshello@yahoo.com), April 16, 2001.

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