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Congratulations Dian, You go Lusenet working for you! This can be a trick discussion thread to set up. But once you get it going, it just runs as smooth as silk.

Well done!

Dennis @ Tahoe

-- Dennis O'Connor (, April 14, 2001


I did enjoy the challenge.

-- Dian Post (, April 25, 2001.

Since we're talking challenges here's a new one. (Some thing for the to do list well after our class ends.) I recall that you can set up a link on your home page that takes you here, AND a back link that returns you to your starting place.

Of course getting through the system to figure things out can be daunting.

I also want to share the 'starting place' for all of the free tools offered by Greenspun via his company Ars Digita.

Best of luck!

Dennis @ Tahoe

-- Dennis @ Tahoe (, April 25, 2001.

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